Maintenance of Spicy Scarves and Summer Sky Jewelry items

How to care for your Spicy

A Spicy is a unique gem in your wardrobe, so we recommend that you take good care of it. This is how you keep your scarf beautiful:

Limited Editions:
Only dry clean at a professional dry cleaner

Scarves with fringes:
Only dry clean at a professional dry cleaner

Other scarves, including wool:
Hand wash cold, 20℃.

NB! For washing machines, the cold hand wash program is often set to 40℃ as standard, so set it down manually!

Iron and store
You can iron your Spicy, but pay close attention to the instructions of your iron and only iron the fabric on the inside. Never iron the fringes! Can be stored in the special bag supplied.


Homemade jewelry is often more fragile than jewelry that comes from the factory. 

Therefore, be careful with your homemade jewelry!

1. Avoid contact with water: Remove the jewelry when showering or washing dishes. Of course, this also applies to washing hands or swimming. The beads can (usually) withstand water, but the wire and clasps cannot.

2. Be careful with perfume: Do you want to wear a piece of jewelry and a scent? Then spray the scent first, wait a few minutes and then do it try on your jewelry. The alcohol in perfume can damage your jewelry. Some stones (including Swarovski) become dull from alcohol.

3. Store the jewelry properly: When you take off the jewelry, put it away neatly. Earrings can be hung. Bracelets and necklaces should be stored flat or on a neck. Preferably on a soft surface so that the jewelry is not damaged. Also make sure that the jewelry is stored at a 'child safe' height. This way you prevent children from playing with the jewelry to get away.

4. Be careful: Always be careful with your jewelry, the jewelry from Made by Peet beadwork is largely made of glass beads. When wearing it, realize that you are wearing something fragile. Also remember that with frequent use, some jewelry wears out or becomes dull more quickly (e.g. beads, rhinestones and gold-plated parts).

5. Sleeping: Never go to sleep with jewelry. Apart from the fact that you can suffocate yourself in your sleep or your wrists can be pinched hitting you can seriously damage the piece of jewelry.

I wish you lots of fun with your own handmade jewelry!

Love Petra,