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Beatrice Royal Blue necklace

Beatrice Royal Blue necklace

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The “Fiery Peahen” kaftan is a beautiful item that will enchant you with its unique mix of colors and patterns. This kaftan is imbued with the serene atmosphere of blue and green, just like the feathers of a peacock in full splendor.

With a seductive slit at the front, the “Fiery Peahen” kaftan gives you freedom of movement and a touch of mystery. The fabric is decorated with peacock feathers as well as flowers and zigzag patterns, making each kaftan a work of art in itself.

This versatile kaftan can be worn with or without a belt, so you can play with your style and comfort. Available in sizes 1 (36/42), 2 (44/50), 3 (50/54) and petit (32/36), this kaftan offers a perfect fit for every body shape.

The icing on the cake is that the fabric is lightweight and wrinkle-free, making this kaftan ideal for travel and everyday elegance. Add a touch of exotic beauty to your fall wardrobe and let your inner peacock shine!

The dress is versatile and can be perfectly combined with our scarves and belts . Also perfect for mommies to be.

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